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My twin sister and I rendezvous every year on our birthday, sometimes to our respective resident countries, but other times to exotic locations.

In April, 2017 we rendezvoused in Istanbul and from there flew together to Muscat, the legendary capital of Oman, a destination I can’t help but designate as exotic.

Enamored with Oman, I created an entire website covering our two-week adventure called Twins In Oman 2017.   I hope it will inspire readers to visit that gentle and pristine country.



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When:  August, 1999

Where:   Ecuador

Who:  My twin sister Cat and me

What:   Ayahuasca Journey with a Shaman

Why:   Transformative Healing


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How did someone with a name so completely Celtic as Colleen McGuire come to possess an Italian passport?  (more…)

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My sister, Cat, and I are twins, born on April Fools Day (unbeknownst until that moment to our mom and her doctor), and we wanted, as usual, to do something special on our birthday on April 1, 2007 when we were, for a change, both in New York City.  (more…)

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COLLEEN F. McGUIRE  — I was a housing rights lawyer with my own law firm in New York City for 16 years until the gods of Greece called for me.   I now run CycleGreece, a company offering awesome odysseys on ancient terrain.

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